Web applications are an easy way to connect

They make businesses all over the world run more smoothly, collaboratively and cost effectively. They reduce deployment and maintenance costs and make software and services available to a wider group of end users. They are the best way for you to inform, engage, collaborate and sell.

Need high performance, high availability web applications?

When your web site or application is inaccessible, you are losing both revenue and user trust. A Data Mojo developed high availability solution helps ensure operational availability and continuity. Having 100% uptime and availability isn’t always ideal if it means slower system performance or unacceptably high costs. We will help you determine the right solution once we understand your performance, security, and reliability requirements.

Security Built Right In.

Web application development is very different from other sorts of development. Web developers must know how web servers and browsers interact, how users might purposefully or accidentally interact with the application, and understand the sorts of attacks web applications might face on the Internet.

Security flaws in web applications can be used to bypass firewalls and other common security measures. Many commercial, government and military websites have learned that lesson the hard way. Our development team follows a System and Security Development life cycle that helps address security concerns at the application level. We perform a battery of tests at several points throughout the development process, so you can be confident that our web apps meet or exceed current applicable security standards.

The web can be a scary place, but we are big girls and boys who understand the risks. We design our web applications while keeping in mind:

No names, please…

Due to the nature of the web applications that we develop, most of our customers don’t want us to reveal the actual details of their web applications. This means no screen shots and no case studies. We understand and respect that. On the web, obscurity can be one of the many components of a good online security strategy for protecting your back-end systems. We’ll help you with this and a lot of other things.

We CAN tell you that some of our work includes:

Did you notice how we kept mentioning ‘secure’? That’s because it’s important. That’s because we’re good at it.

If your project involves security, if it involves back-end databases, then let’s talk. We can help you.