Mobile Applications

A Small Device Can Be Good For Big Business

You see them everywhere … in the store, at the dance studio, on the soccer field. Mobile phones have become a part of our everyday lives. People, whether they are customers or employees, expect to be able to connect to the tools and information they want, when they want.

Sometimes, it isn’t a question of iPhone or Android. Sometimes you need to develop both. If, however, you need to pick one and you don’t know which to select, we can help you with the decision process. Each platform has strengths and weaknesses. We can guide you through the steps needed to make a choice.

With iPhone development, the moment you start designing an app, you know how Apple wants you to build it. Their design plans are so complete that you can almost immediately see how it should be. Developing for iPhones is a joy. The process itself is comfortable. Dare to dream it and let us help you create it.

For iPhones we can:

•  Create innovative interfaces while adhering to Apple Human Interface Guidelines
•  Rapidly convert Flash applications to the iPad 2
•  Develop 2D and 3D Visualization apps
•  Create native iOS applications taking advantage of the full iOS SDK power
•  Develop a robust in-app purchase functionality to increase sales


Android is the creation of super genius programmers. They are also modern day Robin Hoods who give mobile carriers an open source doorway to the kingdom of apps.

Build an app to enable employees to perform the work that they need to perform away from the office. Let managers keep their hands on the pulse of operations and finances. Gather and retrieve information to make sales and keep customers happy. Collaborate in new and unexpected ways.

Promotional Android applications can Supplement marketing efforts with promotional Android applications. Get the attention of customers in innovative and positive ways. Make your hardware device controllable from a phone. Increase the distribution of content you create using an Android app.

The Android Operating System (OS) features:

•  A robust open OS based on Linux
•  An exploding user base
•  Multiple, growing Android app markets
•  New device possibilities such as the Samsung Galaxy, MOTOACTV or Enjoy TV
•  Development of robust in-app purchase functionality to increase sales

If You Need A:

  • Mobile
  • Website
  • Service
  • Product
Connect with your target market and create new business opportunities.

Buff Mother

The 5-4-3-2-1 Diet is the creation of Michelle ‘BuffMother!’ Berger. After struggling for years to lose weight, be strong, and healthy, Michelle came up with a system that allows women to work with their bodies to transform themselves and meet those goals. After developing a national level figure physique,

Michelle has gone on to offer personal training and support for all fitness levels.

When she decided it was time to develop a diet phone app that would complement the other offerings of the BuffMother! brand, Michelle contacted Data Mojo. From concept development to graphic design and programming, Data Mojo has worked hand-in-hand with Michelle to deliver a final product that will help her continue to lead in the personal fitness market space.

For more information about the BuffMother! program, go to:

St. John Vianney Priesthood Cards

St. John Vianney Priesthood Cards are the brainchild of four moms from the Archdiocese of Omaha.
They were created to introduce young people to ordinary men of the priesthood who have generously answered an extraordinary call from God. The cards feature a photo on the front and “Sacramental Stats” on the back.

Data Mojo was contacted by the Vocat Group, which is affiliated with St. John Vianney Priesthood Cards, to come up with a digital version of the cards. Unlike traditional “trading cards”, no one card would be any rarer than any other card. Instead, this would be a way to collect, gift and exchange digital cards.

Data Mojo was already working on a Digital Content Management System (DCMS) and agreed to look at
this project as one possible application of the DCMS.

St. John Vianney Priesthood cards can be found at: