Conquering Big Data with Aerospike

You have Big Data?  We know Big Data!

Data Mojo has experience with multiple non-relational databases used for handling terabytes of data with high-availability and extreme throughput.  Based upon our experience, we recommend the Aerospike database.  Aerospike is a scalable, distributed database that can be synchronized across multiple data centers.  It is tailored for servers using flash and solid state drives, enabling it to process high transaction volumes with very low latency.

Let us show you how Aerospike can provide you with 10X the performance of MongoDB, Cassandra, or other NoSQL technologies.

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We love World of Tanks and especially love our Russian heavies. In particular, we are a huge fan of the KV-2.

If you play WoT, we’d enjoy hearing about your favs and any AWESOME matches you’ve had.

Going Schemaless for Big Data

Do you need a database that can quickly scale?  Do you need a database that can absorb any type of data, structured or not?  Are you needing a fault tolerant database driven system that doesn’t depend upon any given node?  Are you looking to capture huge amounts of data?  If so, you may want to consider a next generation non-relational database for your next development project.

Data Mojo has real-application experience with Aerospike, MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase and other non-relational databases.  Often referred to as NoSQL, non-relational databases feature elasticity and scalability in combination with a capability to store big data and work with cloud computing systems.   NoSQL data management systems are inherently schema-free (with no obsessive complexity and a flexible data model) and eventually consistent.  They tend to use a limited feature set API, serve huge amounts of data and provide high throughput.

When it comes to Big Data web sites, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Groupon, etc. all use non-relational databases to handle their data.  Why aren’t you?

Let us help you go schemaless!