Imagine your web site is like your house …

A web designer (or company) has built this house for you, a web host has ensured that the house is large enough for your needs, and graphic designers have made the place look really nice. But what if you want to get new furniture, move things around or update the sound system in your living room? Some of these things are easier to do than others, but all can be done easily enough. With a traditional web site, changing things isn’t that easy. Rather than being able to do the work yourself, you need a builder to do the work every time. On the other hand, with CMS software, you can do some web site spring cleaning, try out different arrangements, and add new features without having to hire a contractor.

How does CMS software work?

At the core of any CMS software is a graphical template and a database that stores all of the content; as well as a collection of internal processes which allow administration, creation and maintenance of the web site. When using CMS software, web site administration and content management are done via an online interface displayed in a normal web browser. This allows multiple CMS users to edit and maintain the website from any internet connection … anywhere in the world.

CMS web site design by Data Mojo

Our CMS Websites are built to be user and search-engine friendly. We use open source CMS Software that doesn’t cost you anything for the core CMS software. We build CMS websites which are customized to look and function according to your specific needs. Every web site that Data Mojo creates uses 100% custom graphic design and code, built just for you, from scratch. We can deliver solutions to suit any type of business or organization.

Examples of what we can do for you :