About DatamoJo

Data Mojo, Inc. was founded over 15 years ago as a Woman Owned Business with the vision of bringing best of breed Enterprise software consulting and development services to small-and-midsize businesses and small enterprises. Since its inception, Data Mojo has assisted its customers in a variety of industries, each with unique IT requirements, to leverage technology in order to compete, grow and succeed. Our application development experience covers a full range of business requirements including banking, customer relationship management, contact management, electronic commerce, financial services, manufacturing, secure systems, and specialized industry needs.

Data Mojo, Inc. (just call us Data Mojo) is an creative and innovative business software services company. We leverage our experience and insights to solve the problems that face your business on a daily basis. With offices across the country, Data Mojo has become a respected solution provider for our clients, wherever they are located.

We will…

Listen to your needs, find or develop the right business software that meets those needs, successfully implement these solutions and provide unparalleled support for all your software systems. We promise to deliver these services with an unflinching commitment to quality, personalized attention, and value.

We Focus on You

We provide individual attention to all of our clients. We take the time to listen. We understand that IT projects are more than just the computer code that is created or installed.

By getting to know you and Your Business, we can deliver solutions that integrate, extend and improve your systems and processes, thereby ensuring that your software environment truly supports your business’ objectives.

We view IT projects within the framework of The Business’ people and systems. It’s good if people accept new software and systems. It’s great if they embrace their use.

We Help You Leverage Your Data

All too often, data is trapped in a particular format or on a particular platform. Given Access to important data could speed up the way you do business, increase your production output, decrease costs, and increase long-term client engagement and satisfaction.

We understand business. We understand data.
We understand how to make the two work together.